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Alien Race 5: The Alago


An interesting people live here. The Alago. Human looking, but they have wings.

A small confederation of people living in the Tel-Ha. They don’t typically bother the civilizations near them.

Stocky, robust. They sometimes smile for no apparent reason.

The don’t typically use their wings in front of non-Alagos. Many outside their confederation believe the wings are non-functional.

Their part of the galaxy is about 9 sectors. Located in Vespucian Arm; Column D, Sectors 19 through 21; Column E, Sectors 18 through 21; Column F, Sectors 18 through 21; Column G, Sectors 18 through 21. Some of these are partially under their control.

Only Column E, Sector 20; and Column F, Sectors 19 and 20 are completely under their control. There is a Great Rift of few stars between most of their coreward border with another empire, Os-Chon.

( I’ll add more detail later, and might modify this. )


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