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Gran-Dal Arm, Gresha Empire, still here


Located in the Gran-Dal Arm, Sector 2, Sub-Sector J.

part 2, foundings

When the Empire First-In Scouts arrived, they found a small thriving Empire of 5 solar systems which used generation ships to transport people and unique items.

Each viable planet has large stone cities. Some of them inhabited by the local people, others empty.

They are currently at Tech Level A, with some rented or used starships that can do Jump 1. A few do Jump 2. Qhe-Mah Orange and Qhe-Mah Turquoise still have several generation ships. The engines are much improved, but don’t have Jump capability.

Several Merchant Dynasties of the Gresha Empire prefer these slower ships, their schedules depend on them. Outside merchants find it difficult to take over the items these families deal in. Most suppliers laugh at them. Threatening them doesn’t work either.

The original generation ships were made up of large asteroids. One original still is. Due to ablation of the asteroids’ surface, they mostly wore away.

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