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poem: dream time


( Note: there is no actual music playing. Think of it as music floating down the hallway, from another room, as you read this. )

Copyright by me.

[ background music: something soft, low key, and occasionaly quiet ]

dreaming about the rings of Saturn,
seen from one of its moons,
just over there,
floating up over head,
spinning in the night,
way out here,
far from the Sun,
and the maddening crowd,
just a small bit of static on the radio,
louder than that,
but not by much,
are the sounds on the radio,
from Saturn’s magnetic field,
rippling through its rings.

A few months ago,
I was on Mars,
listening to the sands there,
cascade down a small slope.

Tomorrow I take ship,
for Pluto and Charon,
I’ll sit there quietly,
as I listen for the slight warming,
of their surfaces,
as they once again,
go inside Neptune’s orbit.

I hear tales,
of the soft quiet sounds,
in other solar systems,
that sound recordings,
just don’t do them justice…

I’ll have to save my money up,
so I can afford,
to take a starship there,
so I can listen,
for the sounds,
of soft quiet solitude,
in other places and climes.

[ exeunt ]

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