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Starship Wanderer: The computerized Help Desk


Here they are:

The lamp posts are holograms.

The big sphere; with the small white, yellow, and blue spheres, is the Boss Computer.

The other two like to toss those spheres around when they aren’t being talked to.

They do try to help, but sometimes they have to ask Boss computer for help. sometimes they have to ask the human help desk people to assist with things that they don’t know.

Mostly nice, but don’t make fun of them. They don’t like that.

“Hello Sir, How may I help you today ?”

“Uhm, we want refund on ticket. Taking too long to get there.”

“Sir, are you aware this is a generation ship ? It will take centuries to get there ?”

“What is century ?”

(Boss computer !)

{What ?}

(Do they have Universal Translator ?)

{Yes, but they lack certain concepts. They are cave people from millenia ago.}

(Thanks !)

“Sir, how many numbers do you know ?”

“Uhm, 1, 2, many.”

“Sir, it will take many days of counting many many times before we get there.”

“Still want refund.”

“Sir, If we refund your ticket, you get tossed off this starship. You won’t survive. No land and no air out there…”

“What is air ?”

“Sir, without air you die, fade away, cease to exist.”

“Not sound like fun…”

“Sir, no it isn’t fun. Have you thought of working for Amusement Park Services ?”

“Yeah, they think we zoo exhibit.”

“Sir, you know you could be part of an Adventure ? Pretend you are in a costume ?”

“What we do ?”

“You get money to buy clothes and other things. And you get things to do.”

“Not want to be hurt or hurt others.”

“Sir, that can be arranged, set up that way.”

“Okay, we think about it. We no want refund.”

“Sir, we are happy to help.”

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