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What is New ?


November, 2023

Moving to a new web host, and new sub-domain.

Nov 29

Checked for urls going to previous web host, all fixed. Nov 24

Menus installed.

Nov 22

All maps are uploaded. I’ll be back in a few days.

Navigation menus at a later date. You can find planets by going to the search and searching for ‘Planet:’.

All categories and articles have been added. Maps upload is almost done. When that finishes, I’ll be logging off for the weekend.

The ftp software I’m using estimates over an hour for all of the files. So some pages will have text, but no map until the upload is finished.

Currently uploading over a gigabyte of maps, etc. to this site. I’ll be updating the database as well with over two thousand posts/articles.

October, 2023

Oct 17

I just added Path 02, Column S, Sector 15, Sub-Sector G map with 6 planets and pages for those planets.

Oct 4

Updated/fixed the navigation for the Breloss Star Cluster. All 7 levels of the cluster are now connected.

September, 2023

Sept 26

Fixed some bad links, worked on the navigation menus. Currently working on Column S and T, Sector 15 in Path 02. I don’t know when I’ll get those done.

Added part of level 1 and level 2 to the Breloss Star Cluster page. I have the maps, but not all are posted.

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